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Our Story

We are 5th generation farmers and there are 3 generations currently living on our farm. Sheep, pastures, and crops are grown here at 4S Maple Lane Farm. We have both a purebred and commercial flock. Our purebred flock is Dorset and our commercial flock is Dorset with North Country Cheviot and Suffolk crosses. 

Dorset’s are able to breed out of season, allowing us to lamb year-round. These mid-sized sheep are easy lambers, versatile and are excellent mothers who have very rich milk for their lambs.

We are now developing an 'F1 flock' which are the cross of our Dorset ewes with Rideau rams. This group will also have the ability to lamb out of season, on an accelerated lambing system, and combine traits from both breeds to provide a solid commercial ewe. These F1 sheep are fast growing and combine the best of both breeds. 

To protect our sheep from predators, we have Maremma Guardian Dogs. They are excellent at guarding the sheep and love their job. These dogs work together minding the flock, watching over new lambs, and most importantly keep coyotes at bay. 

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